So what's fine Art Wedding Photography?

So what's fine art wedding photography? Well, to me it's about crafting beautiful images for my clients rather than merely recording the events of their big day with my camera using a traditional photo journalistic approach. So, that means using light, composition, colour, mood, emotion, design, camera technique and artistic vision, inspiration and instinct to create images which 'stand out' from traditional wedding photos as more like works of art. Think bridal magazine, beauty, emotion, mood and style. I believe that you don't need to know anything at all about art or photography to appreciate a beautiful picture when you see one.

 Here's my shot of Tracy which fronts my portfolio. I could have just pointed the camera and clicked to record the scene but instead I asked Tracy to sit down in front of her French windows where the natural light pored in from outside. It was a cloudy day, which softened the natural light on her features, adding to the whole style and mood of the picture. Shooting down like this from above creates a very flattering angle, showing her elegant features, beautifully styled hair and tiara. So, in summary it's my goal to craft fine art images like this one and others in my portfolio to tell the story of your wedding day with style and beauty in a way which will stay with you forever.