Scott's One Light Photography Workshop

March 21st 2015

Not Your Standard Workshop

Off Camera.  Manual Mode.  Old School.  This is how we do it Scott's One Light Photography Workshop.

This workshop is not a 9 to 5 presentation of pretty pictures telling you what f-stop and shutter speed were used to make them.  You will not be instructed to follow your heart.  We will not “feel” the light.  We most definitely will not talk about the transcendental properties of light and shadow and make metaphors between the physical and metaphysical worlds.  :)

This is a nuts and bolts type of workshop that breaks lighting down into something we can understand and know how to use in practical day to day shooting.  We want to make creative and compelling portraits wherever we are at any time of the day or night.  The only prerequisite for this workshop is that all participants MUST have a solid understanding of apertures, shutter speeds, and basic composition knowledge.  The OneLight is designed for intermediate to advanced photographers.


OneLong Workshop

The OneLight workshop starts around 9:30am and typically wraps up around midnight or later.  I tend to be a difficult guy to get a hold of but once the OneLight starts, you have 100% of my attention.  I don’t leave until your questions are answered.  If this means we go all night, then we go all night.  The current record holding workshop is the Orlando OneLight where a group of us were up discussing photography and lighting until 5am.  That does not mean you have to stay that long, just expect it to go until midnight.

Why One Light?

Did you know that I am an available light photographer 100% of the time?  I am.  I look in my bag, see that my Vivitar 285 or Sunpak 120j or Nikon Speedlite is available to me and I use that.  :)  Why lighting?  Because it gives you control and options.  You have control over your shooting environment and you have options to deliver to your clients.  We unpack this in great detail during the OneLight.

I relaunched my career with a single Vivitar 285 and a light stand.  When asked why I only use a single light my standard reply was “That is all I can afford.”  It is more than that though.  It is about understanding how light works in the simplest form and mastering that one single light source.

More importantly… Why lighting at all?

Tiger Flashes!  Roar!

Are you intimidated or even “afraid” of your flash?  As if a Bengal tiger is attached to it?  Are you stuck in TTL and dissatisfied with the inconsistency of your flash output while shooting?  Do you have some sort of cocktail cup stuck on top because someone said you could replace your softboxes and umbrellas with that thing?  This is your kind of workshop then!

We spend a lot of time getting to know how light works and how amazingly consistent it can be from shot to shot to shot to shot.  The intimidation of flash photography is going to melt away for you.  You will walk away with the confidence and knowledge you need to take control of your shoots.  Imagine walking into any environment with a simple lighting rig confident that you will make great portraits you are proud to deliver because you understand light and how to use it.

Firing Line

You will be shooting during this workshop but it is a bit different than some hands on workshops. You are first and foremost an observer on one of my live shoots. Once the client arrives, the workshop transforms into an actual job for me. The only difference would be that I am speaking out loud what is going through my head. What I’m looking for. What I like about the current environment. What I don’t like. What type of image I’m trying to create. What technical considerations and limitations I’m dealing with. Etc, etc.

Once the planets are aligned for a shot, you will come through, one by one, to photograph the client yourself with the lighting I have set up. I guide you to shoot with one setting and then another. One angle and then another. I quiz everyone on the technicals. I want you to go home with RAW files (yes, we only shoot RAW here) so that you have images to study that are from your camera and you are working with them on your system.

No Magic Bullets

What I teach during a OneLight is not new, groundbreaking, or revolutionary.  We walk on the shoulders of those who have gone before us.  I have had many photographers reach back and help me many times along the way.  This workshop is one opportunity for me to help others.  It is my sole purpose and goal to use this workshop to help you be a better photographer.  I’m also an advocate for you to not go in debt by buying tons of gear. We will be working with simple and inexpensive tools to get the job done.  A few folks have told me in the past that I probably helped save their marriage.

There is no “easy” way to become a great photographer.  Go ahead and plan on spending the rest of your life working to that goal.  What I CAN do at a OneLight is give you some shortcuts.  I hope to scrape anywhere from a few months to a few years off of the process of learning off camera lighting for you.

Hustle & Flow

Or… Marketing & Workflow.  I never knew how to market myself or my work until it came down to shoot or starve.  If you read my bio you’ll see that I up and put in my notice at Kinkos and hit the streets with a camera body and flash.  This is my second try at being a full time photographer.  The first time I failed.  I did not want to fail again so I didn’t make the same mistakes.  I will open my entire life to you during the OneLight to share my mistakes and my successes.  I will talk about how I took my Nikon D100 and a Vivitar 285 flash and used them to pay my rent, feed my family, and eventually move into our 2,000 square foot photography studio in Atlanta.  All.  Without.  Debt.

Workflow is key to running a successful business. You will see that if I shoot correctly during the day, my workflow is very straight forward.

Cost & Dates

The cost of the workshop is £145 and includes all of your meals and beverages Check out the workshop dates and registration page to find out when and where a OneLight is being held and how to sign up.